The Nordic Historian: Battle of the Celts is completed. Time for the next round of agent queries

My 6th book (3rd novel) is finally completed.  I have the “book jacket” query attempt below, so let me know what you think?   Does it grab your attention? Would you want to see a few pages of the book?

My last post (I know…I don’t put many on here lately) talked about my decision to throw in the towel with Witness Tampering and go to the self-published ebook route.  Sales have not been great because nobody can find it on the websites. I’m pretty sure everybody who has bought a copy so far has got it from my direct marketing.  Oh well, it still is fun to have a book out there.

With that said, this new book is in a more sought after genre and my  hopes are my attempts at getting a agent to pick it up are increased.  I’ll keep you posted (pun intended).  Check out the first part of my query below: 

“Throughout history, power struggles between secret, sorcerer tribes have controlled the rise and fall of world civilizations. Warrior sorcerers, aided by Manipulators, Spanare, and Betrayers, infiltrate society and dictate the fate of nations and empires. 

Only rarely in a century does a tribe discover the most powerful type of sorcerer—a Historian, who can unlock the secrets inside of the tribe’s artifact, the ultimate source of their power. After a hundred years of searching, the Nordic tribe stumbles upon their young Historian with college sophomore, Adam Dietrich. The Celtic tribe, an age old enemy of the Nordics, also learns of his existence, and dispatches two Warriors to murder him and thus prevent the Nordic rise of power. The Celts, experts in controlling nature, attack by morphing blades of grass into flying, edged weapons, and Adam barely escapes with the aid of the Nordic Warrior, Gorin. Gorin then introduces Adam to the underground Nordic city, and reveals the Nordic quest for world peace. At the same time, Nuline, a young Celtic Historian, wrestles with her deadly powers and her tribe’s thirst for unending, brutal war. Her fear turns into rage when she learns Adam is behind the death of her lover, a Celtic Betrayer. Meanwhile, Adam is haunted by visions of past Historians, yet nothing is revealing the location of the Stein—his tribe’s artifact. Time is running out when Adam leads his new friends into a trap, and comes face to face with Nuline and her Celtic Warriors.”

2 responses to “The Nordic Historian: Battle of the Celts is completed. Time for the next round of agent queries

  1. Ok you have my interest now get it published so I can buy it and get it signed by the author. I better be the 2nd one to get it signed I’m after Connie since she’ll be the 1st on the list. I really liked Witness tampering after I got into it. I’ll have to read your 2nd book to catch up.

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