Smashwords epublishing: turning The Nordic Historian into a published ebook

cover image

Yes, I did it again.

I threw in the towel in my search for a literary agent.  As with Witness Tampering, I have decided to upload The Nordic Historian: Battle of the Celts into an ebook for sale.

I utilized Smashwords for the complete publishing this time. I set the price for $.99 for all retailers.  Once you use Smashwords’ styling guide (a good hour or three of investment) you have a document which should convert to any ebook format for any retailer. Smashwords makes the entire process easy and they even give you a Smashwords specific ISBN.

Click here for my Smashwords’ page for The Nordic Historian.

Click here for my Smashwords’ page for Witness Tampering.

To see my last post on The Battle of the Celts, the first in The Nordic Historian series, click here.

Let me know what you think!


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